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Town of Holly

A Western Heritage has Built a Community of Character

If you are traveling from the east to Holly, the colorful history of Colorado and the West greets you. Not only do you traverse the ground of one of the first towns in the Wild West, you also parallel the Santa Fe Trail. Lying to the south of U.S. 50 at the Colorado/Kansas state line are the ruins of Trail City, the colorful cattle town where, in the late 1800's, the historic cattle drives took place to move livestock to their northern grazing grounds.

Just a short drive into Colorado on U.S. 50 is a well-kept rest area on the banks of Cheyenne Creek. This location provides maps pointing out the highway routes to favorite Colorado tourist sites and more.

Holly was the original site of the now internationally known "Holly Sugar" company. The sugar beet factory was constructed in 1905; the original facilities can still be seen on the west side of town and are privately owned and used as a farm shop and storage facilities.

Five miles west of Holly on U.S. 50 is the former site of Amity. Today it is only a crossroads, but in the early 1900's it was a thriving community established by the Salvation Army where many settlers started Colorado life.