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Town of Holly


The Arizona Wildflowers are a sister trio who love to sing and play bluegrass gospel and are all passionate fiddlers. The girls have played through the U.S. and opened for the country legend Michael Martin Murphy. Ranelle, 13, on mandolin and lead vocals holds the title of Best Female Entertainer at the National Oldtime Fiddle Championships held in Weiser, Idaho. Brie, 12, plays guitar and sings low harmony. In 2021 she became the youngest fiddler ever to be awarded Grand Champion at the Arizona State Fiddle Contest. Aspen, 10, fiddler and high harmony for the trio is the National Runner-Up Small Fry Fiddle Champion. When these sisters arenít making music, youíll likely find them on the backs of their horses. You can find them on Facebook and You-Tube: The Arizona Wildflowers.