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Town of Holly

GrassRoots Trio

This group was formed in the fall of 2014 and consists of Jim Fisher (guitar, banjo), Dennis Heckerman (lead singer), and Bill Andrews (guitar). They sing a mix of Gospel, Bluegrass, and Cowboy music with a few other things thrown in. GrassRoots Trio describes themselves as three olí guys who love to sing and hope their music puts a smile on your face, a spring in your step, and draws you closer to God. In September, 2016, they competed in the 3rd Annual Recovery Idol contest held at Century II in Wichita KS. They sang a song that Jim had written, titled, Only God Knows, and were awarded second place. GrassRoots Trio released their first CD, Down Wichita Way, in October.

Jim comes from a musical family and has been playing guitar since he was eleven, and in earlier years, singing with his dad, uncles, and brothers. He has been blessed with his writing ability of several songs through the years, many of them reflecting on God, his life, and memories of family. Just recently, Jim bought a banjo to bring out another dimension to the group. Jim enjoys family life, golf, woodworking, and music.

Dennis is relatively new to the singing world in comparison to Jim. He started singing a solo now and then, a few years ago, at the church he attends. It was during this time he found out about Southern Gospel music from different groups who came to the church. This eventually led to Dennis putting together a Good Times Gospel event yearly starting in 2007 in appreciation of the blessings he received. Somewhere in 2012 Jim and Dennis discovered they both did some singing and got together a few times as a duo. Dennis enjoys family life, cooking, working on projects, and singing.

Bill, like Jim, comes from a musical background and has been playing guitar for many years. Billís mom was instrumental in developing his music interest, and his dad bought Billís first guitar at Western Auto. Bill is excellent at pickiní them strings. He has played at several venues through the years, and fortunately joined our group after some persuasion by Jim. He has really balanced out the trio. Bill enjoys his kids, riding motorcycles, and making music.